The first intelligent drone window cleaning solution for your business.

Save the cost of labor and reduce liability. The Lucid Spraying Drone cleans safer, faster, and smarter.

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The Future of exterior cleaning

A world where responsible robotics enable people to live better lives.


Slips, trips, & falls are the number one cause of general industry accidents. Lucid can help workers avoid accidents and near misses, while employers avoid high insurance rates.


By providing a smarter solution, we open customers up to bigger opportunities, more efficient workflow, reduce injuries, and reduce labor or equipment needs.


The saying is true, “Time is money.” Lucid drones can complete jobs in less time with less costs than it would take using traditional methods, meaning more jobs are completed and more revenue for your business.


Bring new opportunities & new business avenues.


Keep workers out of dangerous situations.

Financing options are available through:

Finance Partners

With multiple funding sources to find the best solution for your financial situation. Whether you have a low credit score or just starting your business out, we have special financing programs for every situation and will get you manageable low monthly payments.

IRS Section 179

Learn how you can deduct the full purchase price of the Lucid C1 drone through IRS Section 179.

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Drone for the window washing industry

Our industrial spray drone is built to be safer, faster, and smarter than any other option on the market today.

Intelligent Batteries

New batteries have a convenient button with an LED indicator telling the operator the current charge state of each battery.

Multi-Directional Spray Nozzle

Capable of upward and downward spraying, allowing the drone to spray hard-to-reach areas.

Self-Repair Options

Landing gear and other drone components can now be easily repaired at a customers convenience.

Urban Flight Capabilities

Allow operators to fly safely in urban environments where GPS signal is weak.

Collision Prevention

Keep the drone at a stable and safe distance from exterior surfaces.

Easy Integration

Integrate with any existing soft-wash pump system up to 11gpm at 300psi.

What Are Our Customers Saying

Never waste time climbing a ladder again!

The future of exterior window cleaning has arrived.

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The first intelligent drone window cleaning solution for your business.

Drone for the window washing industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Lucid Drone Tech Copyright © 2023

Our drones are so easy to fly even your grandma can fly them! We've had customers who have never flown a drone in their life learn how to fly in less than a day!
Approximately 15–20 Minutes per fully charged battery flight. It takes 2 Batteries for each flight, and the drone can cover over 300sqft a minute.
Our customers are limited to flying the drone up to 110 ft. per the current FAA guidelines. The height is calculated by using a max payload weight of 55 lbs (set by FAA) and determining what elevation our drone, hoses, and fluids get to that limit.